FF&E: Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

Technically FF&E stands for “Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment.” But as an FF&E expert, it is not just interior paint colors, or exterior house painting designs and colors which are of course super important but it means so much more. Since we’re involved right from the very beginning of your project, we’re creating and sourcing the details that will connect with the space on a deeper level. This includes, any piece of furniture, soft furnishings or cabinetry, rugs, lighting and accessories. It’s about layering. Having an ability to create a feeling through textures, fabrics, and lighting while understanding how they will impact a space and people’s interaction with them. We really understand it – what are the best materials to use, what’s appropriate for the space in terms of functionality, how will the right volumes and scale affect the space. We see the experience of a space through objects and understand the end user’s interaction.